Using Indicative, I can conduct my own small research projects on user activity in just 10-15 minutes, without scheduling time with one of our Business Analysts

Matt Hubbard, PM at FullContact

FullContact is a B2B and B2C SaaS company that offers complete contact management for professionals, businesses, and developers, enabling these users to organize, synchronize, update, and enhance their contacts from any device.

FullContact sought an analytics solution that would scale with their growth and provide a comprehensive view of the customer journey. The product team needed a data-driven approach to increase user engagement with their existing application while simultaneously redesigning their primary web application to improve the overall user experience.

See how Product Manager Matt Hubbard and his team use Indicative to:

Monitor how users are engaging with newly released features in real time

Identify users to contact for feedback based on specific feature usage

Display metrics in real time to every member of the product team

Report on monthly performance metrics to executives


Every product manager on our team uses Indicative to monitor their KPIs. They’re measuring how their releases are going, identifying potential problems, and pinpointing areas of opportunity.

Benjy Boxer, Director of Product Strategy at NewsCred


Software as a service (SaaS) startup NewsCred is at a critical stage in its growth story. In the last year, the company has more than doubled its team, raised $25M in Series C funding, and brought on industry leading clients like Monster, HP, SAP, The Hartford, and Pepsi.

Within this context, NewsCred’s Director of Product Strategy Benjy Boxer has built an internal startup, consisting of an entirely new product line: a dual platform, called the NewsRoom and Content Marketing Cloud, that helps brands and agencies create high-volume content programs.

“Every product manager on our team uses Indicative to monitor their KPIs,” says Boxer. “They’re measuring how their releases are going, identifying potential problems, and pinpointing areas of opportunity."

In this case study, see how Benjy and his team:

Make data-driven decisions as part of their everyday routines

Seamlessly analyze and visualize multiple sources of data together

Monitor critical KPIs in real-time

Build new products based on actual customer engagement

Identify potential roadblocks and issues before they occur

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