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Product managers and strategists leverage Indicative’s insights to build their product roadmap, optimize user engagement, and reduce churn.


Iterate through product ideas and drive your product roadmap by quickly measuring feature adoption.


Optimize your product by identifying points of friction.


Engage and retain customers through better understanding of their actions.

Case Study: Novus

Novus is a portfolio analytics and intelligence platform

Novus is a portfolio analytics and intelligence platform for institutional investors. Founded in 2007, the platform is used by a wide variety of customers, including portfolio managers, investor relations teams, and operations teams. It allows them to manage their risk, analyze performance and attribution across different data sets, and become more efficient with their resources.

Novus sought a solution that would allow them to build a product more suitable to their customers’ workflows and to make data-driven product decisions a part of their daily routine. Indicative’s product analytics platform empowers Stanley’s team to remove points of friction within the platform, optimizing for customer engagement and retention.


  • Fully understand and map user behavior across the full customer journey.
  • Iterate quickly on product implementations by measuring user engagement in real-time.
  • Proactively isolate and identify user behavior that leads to increased user retention and reduced churn.
  • Build dashboards on the fly to monitor and share valuable KPIs throughout the customer journey.

“I have nothing but great things to say about Indicative. It’s an integral component in allowing us to better understand our customers’ journeys, ranging from identifying trends throughout different customer segments, to analyzing the behavior of a specific role. Indicative empowers my team to ask and answer their own questions regarding customer flows and product engagement on a daily basis.”

Stanley Altshuller

Founding Partner and Head of Product at Novus

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