Indicative takes the confidentiality and security of Your data and Your Customer’s Data very seriously. Your Customers’ Data is defined as data you have gathered or are responsible for gathering on users that interact with your product or service and is transmitted to Indicative by You or on account of You.

  1. The Data We Collect on You
  2. When you register for our services at Indicative, we ask you to provide us with personally identifiable information including You and Your representative’s name, email, credit card and other personal information (collectively, “Personally Identifiable Information.”) We record information about usage of for customer service and product management purposes, to improve the level of service offered by the Company.

  3. The Data We Collect on Your Customers
  4. In order to use our Services, you need to provide information to Indicative regarding Your Customers. You may accomplish this by:

    1. a programmatic integration;
    2. inclusion of Indicative code such that it will result in applying a “cookie” to your Customers’ browsers; or
    3. manual transfer by You of Customer Data directly to Indicative.

    You further agree that to comply with all applicable privacy and data protection regulations, you will not use our service to send us sensitive information where unauthorized disclosure could cause material, severe, or catastrophic harm or impact to Indicative, You or Your Customers. Sensitive Information includes:

    1. Passwords, authentication/authorization credentials
    2. Information under strict regulatory or contractual handling requirements (e.g., PCI, HIPAA, and state and federal data security laws) including:

      1. Credit Card Data including credit card numbers, CVV numbers (three digit codes for Visa and MasterCard, four digit code for American Express) and magnetic stripe information
      2. Social Security, Drivers License or Passport Numbers
      3. Government Issued Identification
      4. Financial Account Information
      5. Real time geolocation data which can identify an individual
      6. Personally identifiable information knowingly collected from children under the age of 13 or from online services directed toward children, and
      7. Health or Biometric data.

  5. Data Privacy
  6. We will not disclose the data the we collect about You or about Your Customers to third parties except under the following circumstances:

    1. With Your explicit, opt-in consent;
    2. To trusted agents and vendors of Indicative needed to fulfill Company services, such as an email service provider, which shall act in compliance with the Privacy Policy and be bound by confidentiality not to disclose the data;
    3. Under circumstances in which we are compelled by law to make such a disclosure.

    Indicative reserves the right to combine all data collected, excluding Individually Personally Identifiable Information, into an aggregate data pool (“Aggregate Data”). The Aggregate Data will not identify You as the source of any data attributable to You, and will have all of Your Customer attribution removed. Indicative shall be the exclusive owner of the Aggregate Data.

  7. Data Security
  8. Indicative uses best practices to secure the data it collects, transmits and stores on its servers. Among others, Indicative’s security methods include secured physical access to its data centers, limited and protected access via password, public/private keys, and data encryption, including TLS encryption for data transmission.

  9. Cookies
  10. Indicative uses cookies for You and Your Customers to offer better Service to You. Cookies are small text files sent to You or Your Customers’ browsers by Indicative and stored on the hard drive of You and Your Customers’ computers. Indicative uses cookies to recognize repeat visits from users to log them in automatically, preserve their preferences, or identify and record certain usage patterns. If You or Your Customers prefer not to accept cookies from Indicative, You or Your Customers may configure the browser’s settings to refuse cookies. Certain aspects of the Indicative service may not function as designed if a user refuses to accept the Indicative cookie.

  11. Data Retrieval and Deletion
  12. Indicative will provide You the ability to retrieve Your Customer Data recorded by Indicative. At Your request, Indicative will make commercially reasonable efforts to delete all data from Your Customers that was sent to Indicative through a programmatic client integration exclusively from You or through a manual transfer by You of Your Customer Data directly to Indicative.

    To the extent that Your Customer Data has been anonymized and grouped into the Aggregate Data, such data may continue to be retained by Indicative.

  13. Changes to the Privacy Policy
  14. Indicative will not materially change the Privacy Policy without providing clients meaningfully prominent notice prior to the effective date of such changes. Notice shall be provided either within Your client account upon login, or via email. By visiting or logging into an Indicative website which provides this policy, You acknowledge that You consent to these practices.