Product Analytics for SaaS

Product led organizations use Indicative to build products that sell themselves


Discover the user journey and the fastest path to purchase


Deliver features that delight and remove points of friction


Reduce churn and find key drivers of retention


How Prezi Uses Product Analytics to Speed Up New Product Adoption

  • Better understand user behavior across a varied audience
  • Create meaningful user flows that drive product and marketing decisions
  • Expand access to customer data across the organization
  • Gain a better understanding of feature usage across product and user types

“When we started with Indicative the goal was to provide speed and data to product teams. Now we are in the steps to provide the same process for our go-to-market teams. This is exciting because we will then have full visibility of our customer’s journey in one platform.”

Jose Roca

VP of Product for the Technical Platform and Infrastructure

Accelerate your product and generate revenue faster.

Indicative seamlessly connects to your data warehouse or anywhere your data lives.