Analytics that tell you how to grow your business

Growth Marketers, Product Managers, and Data Analysts use Indicative to Optimize Customer Conversion, Engagement, and Retention.

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Using Indicative, I can conduct my own small research projects on user activity in just 10-15 minutes, without scheduling time with one of our Business Analysts

Matt Hubbard | PM at FullContact

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Connect your behavioral data sources to Indicative

Convert and engage more customers

Indicative helps you discover the actions you need to take to convert and engage your customers using data from all your customer behavior data sources.

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Build features people want

Indicative helps you understand how customers are interacting with different sets of features. Take the guesswork out of planning your roadmap, and validate the value of what you’ve already built.

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Retain more customers

Retaining customers is the most important way to increase lifetime value. Indicative identifies your most valuable customers and tells you how to keep them.

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Understand the complete picture of customer behavior

Your customers interact with your business across a variety of different platforms and channels. Indicative integrates all your behavioral data sources together into a unified view so you can fully understand your customers.

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Indicative can connect to any data source that generates event data, including:

3rd party systems like Salesforce and Marketo.

Your existing data warehouse in Amazon Redshift, Oracle or SQL Server.

Directly from a website, mobile, or desktop apps using our REST API.

Our Customers

  • Every product manager on our team uses Indicative to monitor their KPIs. They’re measuring how their releases are going, identifying potential problems, and pinpointing areas of opportunity.
    Benjy Boxer | Director of Product Strategy
  • With Indicative's intuitive interface and seriously powerful capabilities, we can understand what's going on with our business in real time and quickly drill down into any issues or opportunities.
    Ryan Nash
  • Indicative is a dream to work with. I thought it would be impossible to find a data tool that could provide really in-depth and detailed analysis from multiple data sources with an interface that is really easy to use.
    Emma Ferguson | Central Analytics Manager at Gild