User Activity Monitoring & Timeline

Explore an individual user’s entire journey and session activity to discover core behaviors and create highly personalized segments.

User Activity Timeline

View the totality of an individual user’s events, event properties, and user properties, all in one place.

  • View a list of users that performed a particular action or users in a pre-defined User Segment.
  • Debug your event pipeline by drilling down into chronological, user-level event timelines.
  • Narrow the scope of your analysis by filtering a user activity timeline to a specific event.
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Access Users from Any Tool

Access the Users feature from any other Indicative analysis.

  • Drill into users from Segmentation, Funnel or Cohort to research an outlier in your analysis
  • Explore Users who converted or dropped off from a customer journey.
  • Easily navigate to and from your original analysis via the breadcrumb trail.
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User Profiles

View a complete summary of each user and their attributes.

  • Access User ID, geographic location, and time first and last seen in order to get a sense of geographic trends, and time spent in your website or app.
  • Capture a snapshot of a single user by consolidating and viewing the totality of their user attributes, all in one location.
  • Gauge a user’s activity by observing the percentage of defined user attributes.
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