Product Analytics for Mobile Apps

Deliver personalized experiences that keep users coming back


Identify behaviors that are key to faster conversion


Segment your users to deliver a personalized experience 


Eliminate points of friction and continuously improve your app 


How a deep understanding of users created alignment between quantitative trends and human perspectives

Drops, named one of the most innovative apps in the world, uses gamification to teach language skills to learners around the world. Product analytics has been central to Drop’s strategy since day one. Indicative makes it possible for a small data analyst team to gather, act upon, and share reporting with the entire organization quickly.

“Indicative offered all of the things that we wanted in our analytics platform, namely the ability to collect a lot of events, a long-term data history, and the ability to export to BigQuery.”

William Rekshan

Growth Data Analyst

Win more customers and keep them coming back.

Indicative takes care of the insights so you can take care of your customers.