Custom Analytics Dashboards

Save your Indicative analyses to a Dashboard or as a Bookmark, and share them with your colleagues.

Dashboards and Bookmarks

Save queries and track KPIs on a Dashboard to share with your colleagues. Save analyses-in-progress as Bookmarks.

  • Ensure up to date widgets by scheduling dashboards to automatically refresh at your desired interval.
  • Save dashboards to a private folder while you iterate through work-in-progress queries.
  • Tinker with various display options and widget settings to best communicate your insight.
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Public Dashboards

Share your insights with non-Indicative users.

  • Enable non-Indicative users to view your analysis without having to create an account through Public Access Sharing.
  • Embed dashboard widgets in websites and emails to share your analytics.
  • Contextualize your dashboards by adding Annotation, Text, and Image widgets.
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Scheduled Reporting

Automate your KPI reporting by sending Scheduled Reports to internal and external stakeholders.

  • Send dashboards as a PDF at any desired interval.
  • Send test reports to yourself to ensure that your dashboard is correctly configured.
  • Manage and edit existing Scheduled Reports in the Settings dropdown.
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