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Indicative couples complex analytic capabilities with a drag-and-drop interface, a dream come true for data professionals and their teams.

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Unlock behavioral analysis not possible with SQL.

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Indicative connects directly to your data warehouse.

Case Study: Dow Jones

Dow Jones uncovers in-depth insights without a line of code.

Dow Jones is a global news and business information organization that delivers a wide range of content to a diverse customer base across multiple platforms. Founded in 1882, Dow Jones employs over 2,000 journalists in more than 50 countries, and publishes digital content in 28 different languages.

Dow Jones sought a solution that would centralize and consolidate several disparate behavioral data sets. Indicative’s platform allows Dow Jones’ data analysts and data scientists to perform in-depth analyses and build robust visualization dashboards without having to write a single line of code, and within minutes.

  • Conduct in-real-time behavioral analyses not possible in SQL.
  • Break down data silos and analyze the full customer journey with complete context.
  • Empower your organization to make data-driven decisions a part of their daily routine, allowing you to focus on other projects.
  • Build dashboards on the fly to monitor and share valuable KPIs throughout the customer journey.

“Indicative is an important part of the customer data transformation at Dow Jones. The intuitive platform empowered us to use data in ways that weren’t previously possible. Through Indicative, we can better understand our customers and create personalized experiences, allowing us to optimize acquisition, engagement and retention.”

Steve Grycuk

Chief Experience Officer

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