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"Being a fast-moving tech company, 99designs has really struggled to find a customer analytics tool that can scale. We've tried many in the past but due to the magnitude of actions we fire, these tools come to a grinding halt after only a couple of months. Indicative is different. We've never had an issue with hitting data limits"

Miranda Burford | Principal Product Manager @ 99designs

Data Limit
50 Million Events
10 Million Events
5 Million Events
Data Retention
6 Months
90 Days
Multipath Funnels
Segmentation Analysis
Cohort Analysis
Email Support
Customizable Data Dictionary
User Activity Timeline
Custom Events
Up to 1
Event Stream
User Seats
Dashboard Visualizations
Scheduled Reporting

Indicative is a scalable customer analytics tool with comprehensive data visualization capabilities. The functionality of our robust platform allows you to go beyond standard business intelligence tools by connecting directly to your data to answer real-time questions.

 Track insights through multipath funnels/conversion funnels to help identify optimization opportunities across product, marketing, and analytics teams, as well as executive-level decision makers. With on-demand tutorials and email customer support, you have access to advanced training and platform assistance as needed.

In order to scale effectively, you need an analytics tool that gives you the most access with the least limitations. We go beyond competitor offerings to provide deeper analysis, greater data retention, and more customizable features.

Visualize events through the user activity timeline. Explore customer behavior to gain a better understanding of how to engage and drive performance. And let the data lead to meaningful connections via a clear pathway to new and impactful results.

Compare Indicative vs. Amplitude vs. Mixpanel

An analytics platform must have the capacity to address various team needs without restriction. Indicative leads the way in several areas where many competitors simply do not measure up. It is the only product analytics platform that connects directly with your data to maximize performance without having to code.

Multipath funnels are also a key differentiator, which is essential to follow a customer’s journey. Conversion paths are rarely linear and often differ from user to user. Tracking multiple funnels simultaneously can be the changemaker companies need to truly understand user flow, engage with their audience(s), and ultimately, increase conversions.

Additionally, segmentation analysis and cohort analysis are unlimited, allowing you to personalize the user experience and adapt strategies based on behavioral feedback. You can also track user activity timelines and set up scheduled reporting to optimize and streamline efforts.

Furthermore, as data analysis capabilities continue to expand, there’s access to ongoing customer service support, timely, topic-specific webinars, and self-serve tutorials to capitalize on all the unique features. Get the answers you need to best promote your products and support an ideal customer experience.

The Indicative platform is an essential business intelligence tool which can catapult companies to their next level of success. Customize metrics to achieve both high-level and granular views to take a closer look at how best to increase conversions and keep customers engaged.

Multipath Funnel

Understanding the customer journey is critical for conversion optimization. The multipath funnel goes beyond simple metrics and dives deeper into customer data. This feature tracks conversion journey performance along various customer profiles, marketing campaigns, and features, and provides a clear visualization in how to optimize for results.

Since the customer journey can change over time, it’s important to have direct access to data to identify changes and patterns in real-time. The multipath funnel helps to inform messaging at different stages along the conversion path and contextualizes customer data, allowing you to create more effective action plans and open the door for more conversions.

Public Dashboards & Scheduled Reporting

Creating shareable dashboards allows you to track various KPIs in one place in a way that’s clear and informative for optimal performance. Public dashboards are visible for users both in and outside of the Indicative network. This simplifies reviewing data insights and creating annotations without the need for separate accounts.

Alternatively, when experimenting with multiple queries, the option of a private folder allows you to save your dashboards before sharing with others. Explore various display options and customize data to communicate insights effectively. Then, streamline performance through automated KPI reporting. Set up test reports to see data configurations as recipients would and choose your desired time for delivery.

Conversion Analysis: Visualize Customer Journeys 

Pinpoint how customers are interacting and responding to your products by following their lead. The customer journey map shows the steps customers take to make a conversion, as well as highlights where customers drop off. Analyzing behavior flow provides indicators of where improvements need to be made and helps to identify patterns affecting performance. 

Test theories, back assumptions, and refocus strategies based on conversion analysis using data visualization. Evaluate the customer journey map to uncover the most common paths toward conversion. Being able to navigate customer behavior and make data-based decisions boosts engagement and retention. It provides valuable insights which drive product development and marketing campaigns. And it allows for flexibility when the path changes.

Integrations: SDKs and APIs

Simplify data integration to ensure analytics accuracy and real-time performance. Indicative grants access to data from an existing source, directly from the website, and/or mobile app. It allows you to connect anywhere, at any time.

Instantly stream actionable insights from all sources, across the entire customer journey, to quickly measure feature adoption, engage and retain customers, and optimize the user experience. Our integration partners include Google Cloud Storage, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Python, WordPress, and Amazon AWS S3, among others.

Connecting data points is the foundational step in promoting greater decision-making capabilities and driving high-value opportunities and outcomes.

Don’t get left behind in a data-driven world.

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