Powerful product analytics for product managers, marketers, and data analysts

Indicative connects directly to your data warehouse and synthesizes your data into a complete view of your customer, giving you the actionable insights you need to optimize customer acquisition, engagement, and retention.

Multipath Customer Journey Funnel in Indicative

Multipath Funnel

Visualize and optimize conversion and retention with Indicative’s unique multipath funnel.

  • Uncover which behaviors and touchpoints are key to customer acquisition.
  • Drive your product roadmap by identifying and eliminating points of friction across different segments of customers.
  • Maximize your marketing campaigns by slicing your funnel to compare multiple paths and conversion rates side by side.
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Multipath Customer Journey Funnel in Indicative

Customer Journeys

Discover the paths customers most frequently take through your product

  • Analyze the most common paths customers take after a specific event such as after creating an account or logging on
  • Find the common paths users take towards conversion
  • Learn how at-risk users flow through your product to prioritize product improvements
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Ask, answer, and act on the most important questions about your customers and their behaviors.

  • Optimize customer acquisition by identifying behaviors that lead to higher conversion rates.
  • Maximize engagement by learning how different groups of customers interact with your product.
  • Analyze the complete effect of your A/B tests from acquisition and conversion to engagement.
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Cohort Analysis

Build behavioral cohorts that pinpoint the features and campaigns that most engage and retain customers.

  • Implement engaging product features by analyzing customer actions over time.
  • Optimize marketing campaigns by identifying customers with high LTV and low churn rates.
  • Create and analyze complex cohorts based on time, behaviors, and characteristics.
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People Insights

Explore an individual user’s full journey and session activity to discover core behaviors and create highly personalized segments.

  • Leverage the characteristics of specific customers and segments to optimize product implementations and marketing campaigns.
  • Explore the full journey and session activity of every customer.
  • Create and export customer segments for highly personalized messaging.
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Dashboards & Reporting

Create, collaborate, and share KPIs and visualizations with custom dashboards and automated reporting.

  • View KPIs at a glance with drag-and-drop dashboards.
  • Collaborate with your team while keeping works in progress private.
  • Customize, export, and share your visualizations with scheduled reporting.
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“With Indicative, I can analyze the complete customer journey without writing a SQL query or needing a data analyst. Indicative joins our customers’ interactions across our paid media, communication channels, mobile application, and website into one cohesive view, empowering my team to measure the efficacy of their work and answer their own questions on a daily basis. ”

Emily Herring

Head of Marketing, INWEGO

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