Indicative connects to your data sources, synthesizes them into a complete view of your customer, and gives you the actionable insights you need to optimize customer acquisition, engagement, and retention.

behavioral data analysis
Customer Journey - Average time through conversion funnel

Customer Journey

Convert and retain as many customers as possible by allowing data to shape your customer journey.

  • Optimize conversion by understanding which behaviors and touchpoints are key to customer acquisition.
  • Use data to drive your product roadmap by identifying and eliminating points of friction across different segments of customers.
  • Maximize your marketing campaigns by slicing your funnel to compare multiple paths and conversion rates side by side.
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user segmentation analysis in Indicative


Ask, answer, and act on the most important questions about your customers and their behaviors.

  • Optimize customer acquisition by identifying behaviors that lead to higher conversion rates.
  • Maximize engagement by learning how different groups of customers interact with your product.
  • Analyze the complete effect of your A/B tests from acquisition and conversion to engagement.
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Visitor Retention Screenshot - Indicative


Experience unparalleled flexibility when building behavioral cohorts to pinpoint what keeps your users coming back.

  • Implement product features that keep your customers engaged by analyzing their actions over time.
  • Optimize marketing campaigns by identifying customers with high LTV, rather than those likely to churn.
  • Create and analyze complex cohorts based on time, behaviors, and characteristics.
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People Insights

Understand the why behind your customers’ behaviors by identifying what they’re doing, and who they are.

  • Leverage the characteristics of specific customer segments to optimize product implementations and marketing campaigns.
  • Drill down into the full journey and session activity of every customer, even when they are anonymous.
  • Create and export segments of customers for highly personalized messaging.
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real-time data from Indicative


Data insights are meant to be shared. With drag-and-drop dashboards and bookmarks, you and your team can keep track of KPIs at a glance.

  • Save your analysis and come back to it later by bookmarking queries with ease.
  • Share the most important dashboards with your team for collaborative analysis, while keeping works in progress private.
  • Customize and export your visuals to create sophisticated slides in presentations and periodic reports.
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