Indicative connects to all your customer data sources, synthesizes them into a complete view of behavior, and gives you the actionable insights you need to grow your customer base and build great products.

Data Explorer

Indicative’s Data Explorer gives you the ability to analyze and explore your customer behavior data without limitations.

Using an innovative drag-and-drop interface you can ask questions and get answers about any combination of customer actions and business metrics.

Multi-path Funnels

Your customers don’t always follow a linear conversion path, so your conversion analysis tool shouldn’t either.

Indicative’s multi-path funnels allow you to visualize multiple conversion paths at once to see the full picture of how your customers engage with your business.


Indicative’s unique Calculator tool allows you to create new data series and combinations on the fly.

Add, subtract, multiply, and divide data series to multiple data series to create complex KPIs and generate new insights.


The only way to truly understand customer retention is by analyzing cohorts of users over time.

Indicative gives you unparalleled flexibility to build complex behavioral cohorts and determine what causes your uses to churn and what causes them to stay.

User Explorer

Drill into the underlying users in any data point. See the users who performed any behavior patterns, and export them to take action using your marketing automation platform.

Data Manager

Keep your data clean. When sending your data to other analytics platforms, data gets mislabeled, names change over time, and data series get split up - requiring an engineer to get involved to fix your integration. Indicative’s Data Manager allows you to rename, relabel, and join data series together to keep your data clean by pointing and clicking - no code required.

Intelligent Dashboards

Growing your business requires staying on top of anomalies and acting quickly on opportunities. With Indicative’s dashboards, you can monitor all of your key metrics at a glance and drill down into the data from any chart.

Start Optimizing Your Business With Indicative Today

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