Simplifying and democratizing data for faster, smarter product decisions

Indicative helps GetYourGuide visualize and better understand their customer funnel and the behavior different types of users exhibit—enabling them to make faster, more informed decisions to improve the customer experience.

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GetYourGuide is a travel company working to help travelers access incredible experiences by connecting them with “unique and unmissable” things to do anywhere in the world.

Since the company was founded in 2009, they’ve helped travelers from more than 170 countries book over 45 million tours, activities, and attractions. The company is headquartered in Berlin, but their expertise draws on more than 550 travel experts globally.

If there’s one thing an operation like that produces, it’s a ton of data—and GetYourGuide’s success relies on being able to harness and analyze that data in order to provide better experiences and options for customers. Deeply understanding their customers is a must. The team needs quick access to powerful real-time data to adapt to changing situations and travel trends.

GetYourGuide Case Study Overview image
  • Develop a deep understanding of the customer journey
  • Make complex data analysis accessible to the product team
  • Reduce the time it takes to make data-driven decisions

“In order to improve our product, we need to understand who our customers are and what they need, so we can optimize their experience and help them discover our product.”

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Before the team found Indicative, they relied on more complex data systems. Specifically, they used a data model in Looker for their funnel analysis and conducted ad hoc SQL analyses as needed.

While that solution did allow the company to analyze its data, it wasn’t the optimal solution for many use cases.

Relying on ad hoc SQL queries for funnel analyses meant that Product Managers had to wait longer until they could actually use data to inform product decisions and that Data Analysts were spending an important part of their time working on tasks that otherwise could have been automated. 

Therefore, they wanted to improve the ability to make quick product decisions and react to the changing trends and preferences of their customers.

According to Senior Data Engineer David Mariassy, they needed to find a better way, a solution that would allow the company to “simplify and democratize access to complex data for all stakeholders involved in product decision making.”

GetYourGuide challenge case study

Product Managers were front and center in that challenge. They needed a way to perform frequent analyses autonomously—with a solution that was fast, user-friendly, and didn’t require support from the Analytics team.

  • Increase the speed of calculations and analyses
  • Build an easily configurable funnel analysis with segmentation
  • Gain the ability to flexibly include and exclude multiple steps in the funnel

“We wanted to empower Product Managers to autonomously perform frequent analysis in a fast and user friendly manner, without the need for Analytics support.”

David Mariassy

Senior Data Engineer

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According to David, speed, user-friendliness, and top-notch customer support sold them on giving Indicative a try. The team was impressed with the dedicated, high-touch onboarding experience, which set them up for the success they’ve seen with the product.

Now, they use Indicative to:

  • Build customer funnels that include optional steps, filters, and customer groups
  • Compare dashboards by traffic and page types to visualize product performance across various pages and funnel steps
  • Share results by linking them with key internal documents

Their most used Indicative features are Segmentation and the Multipath Funnel analysis.

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“Segmentation and funnel analysis are key for understanding how our customers interact with our product, and Indicative helps us to learn fast by allowing us to quickly get answers and constantly update our knowledge,” said Data Analyst Laura Lahoz González.

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the customer journey
  • Analyze product performance to inform decision-making
  • Perform faster analyses that enable quick, data-driven decisions
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Implementing Indicative has made it easier for the Product teams at GetYourGuide to dig into the data quickly, and autonomously – boosting the use of customer data for day-to-day decision-making.

“Indicative allows us to learn and iterate fast,” Laura said. “It also helps us to understand new features’ performance, and it speeds up our decision-making process.”

For example, with a better view into how customers behave in the funnel, the team is able to better understand where visitors bounce, which pages have higher clickthrough rates, and how customer behavior varies from segment to segment. This sort of insight enables them to improve the navigation experience for all customers.

According to Laura, the biggest benefit they’ve seen from using Indicative has been “being able to shorten the reaction time to our customers’ needs through faster iteration and data-based decision making.”

Plus, Laura says Indicative is helping to maintain and improve the quality of the underlying data they base decisions on—direct integration with their AWS S3 data lake – by exposing more granular and raw data to the final users and evidencing the importance of data quality for reaching meaningful insights.

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  • Seamlessly share funnel visualizations, back up decisions with data, and align with stakeholders
  • Enable Product Managers to explore their product components autonomously
  • Allow Data Analysts to build on existing knowledge about our funnel and explore beyond it.

“Indicative allows us to learn and iterate fast; it also helps us to understand new features’ performance, and it speeds up our decision-making process.”

Laura Lahoz González

Data Analyst

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