Haven Life Insurance Agency

Improving Customer Journeys by Aligning Data with Human Interest


Haven Life Insurance Agency (Haven Life) makes it easy for people of all walks of life to purchase affordable and dependable term life insurance policies online.  As a wholly owned subsidiary of MassMutual, a Fortune 100 company with nearly $40B in annual revenue and 165+ years of industry experience, Haven Life is setting a precedent in the financial service sector by listening to and serving customers in a way that sets the tone for a decades-long relationship. 

The innovator is on a mission to create a better experience for those looking to financially protect their loved ones with term life insurance — relying on modern technology to streamline the end-to-end buying experience. Behind the scenes, Indicative helps Haven Life translate data into functional stories that address customer needs. 

  • Understand who’s most likely to convert and why
  • Unite technical and non-technical teams around quantitative stories and strategies
  • Establish data-driven blueprint for long-term customer relationships
  • Bring innovative processes to an industry that has been doing things the same way for 100+ years

“Our customers  recently went through what we call a ‘me-to-we’ moment — a major life transition such as getting married, buying a home, or having a baby,” says Matt Myers, Head of Customer Acquisition. “Our main use case for Indicative is to give us a full-funnel look at both macro (overall) trends and micro (individual campaign) results.”

Matt Myers

Head of Customer Acquisition


The life insurance industry is all about people. But building human interest in an industry related to end of life planning can be tough: life insurance is one of the last things that people want to talk about or think about buying. As a result, determining what brand messages to share with potential customers is far from a straightforward task.

In addition, the financial services sector, especially life insurance, has revolved around relationship based sales through a financial advisor or agent. Moving into an increasingly digital world is uncharted customer acquisition territory for the industry.  The personal relationships that drive sales, at the local level, between consumers and their banks can no longer be the sole driver of purchases. As a result, organizations rely on data, algorithms, and other technical solutions to meet consumers where they are.  Haven Life is tasked with completely rethinking how people learn about and purchase life insurance.

  • Bring a level of personalization to an entirely digital experience
  • Build data models to uncover how to communicate with buyers at different customer journey stages
  • Build a technical solution to unite web analytics with a back-end workflow to get a full view of the customer journey

“We were looking for a solution that could marry web analytics with back-end server based workflow events, so that we could get a full picture of the customer journey," says Matt. "Previously, we used Google Analytics to track web data and hacked together a back-end system for workflow-related events. But prior to Indicative, we had no way of marrying this data. This was our first time using a product like Indicative at Haven Life.”

Haven Live Application Submissions by Marketing Source analysis using Indicative


Matt had used Indicative in a previous customer analytics role and was impressed with the platform’s easy-to-use interface to manage analytics. He found this capability to be especially valuable for teammates who were not proficient in writing SQL queries.

Haven Life’s use case for Indicative is primarily on marketing results tracking and performance reporting. In addition, Haven Life’s product and development teams use Indicative to understand the performance of A/B tests that the company runs internally. These capabilities give Haven Life a complete analytical perspective of how audiences (and individuals) move through the marketing funnel.

More than two dozen people, across different functions, use Indicative on a consistent basis. This perspective unites teams around a common source of truth to make judgment calls — and improves collaboration across teams as a result.

“It’s helped us make much quicker business decisions so that we can optimize campaigns in real-time,” says Matt. “We are able to go all-in on some tactics and shut off underperforming tactics with much more agility than we were capable of doing in the past. “

Haven Live Application Submissions by Marketing Source analysis using Indicative
  • Implement an analytics solution that aligns web analytics with back-end server based workflow events
  • See a macro and micro perspective of how marketing and product operations flow together
  • Gain transparency and visibility into the marketing funnel
  • Use analytics to make more intelligent marketing decisions and optimize campaigns in real-time


For Haven Life, one of the most important results with Indicative has been the ability to build dashboards to measure affiliate marketing performance and investigate channel attribution. 

With this capability, Haven Life has a clear perspective of where account creations originate from and how patterns of use translate into success rates. With these dashboards, anyone at Haven Life can use data to answer questions, quickly.

Indicative has helped Haven Life reduce its marketing costs and improve campaign performance by being able to adjust marketing programs in near real-time.

  • Establish a data-driven culture across all teams
  • Decrease customer acquisition costs and improve marketing program performance
  • Create foundational infrastructure for customer insights
  • A/B test hypotheses through the entire customer journey from acquisition to sign up and product usage
  • Build dashboards for anyone at the company to access

“Within Indicative, the segmentation feature allows us to understand trends, and we can use the funnel optimization tool to see performance and user insights,” says Matt. “We have a detailed understanding of our customers at a granular level. Long-term, we plan to keep using the platform to improve operational efficiencies and keep learning more about our customer experiences.”

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