Customer & Retention Cohort Analysis, SQL Analysis

Build behavioral cohorts that pinpoint the features and campaigns that most engage and retain customers.

Defining your Cohort

Categorize users through shared behavior, and identify those users’ relationships with target behavioral events.

  • Implement the right product improvements by analyzing customer actions over time.
  • Configure your revenue mapping and select Revenue as a Target Behavior to determine how different behavioral cohorts affect your bottom line. 
  • Slice and dice your cohort with time or property based breakouts.
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Activation and Recurring Behavior

Analyze users at different phases of engagement with your website or product.

  • Optimize onboarding by selecting First-Time Behavior.
  • Determine behavioral characteristics that drive customer retention by selecting Recurring Behavior.
  • Does your use case require analyzing cumulative, or non-cumulative event counts? Event counts, or percentage of total events? You can do it all in the Cohort tool.
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Leverage Indicative’s various visualization types in order to best communicate your insight.

  • Gain a new perspective of your customers by analyzing Cohorts in Funnel. Copy your Cohort analysis to the Funnel tool with one click.
  • View your cohort rates in a table format, or view Nth day retention by selecting the Line format.
  • Analyze customer behavior in the short and long term by toggling your date range and intervals.
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