Connecting with Customers Globally

How Indicative equips Drops with a deep understanding of customers to create alignment between quantitative trends and human perspectives.


The world is more interconnected than ever. That’s why Drops is on a mission to teach language skills to learners around the world.  The company has created engaging games that make learning fun, easy, and intuitive. 

Drops gained global recognition as a top app in Apple’s App Store in more than 150 countries. In 2019, Drops was named among the “World’s Most Innovative Companies” by Fast Company. Because of this momentum, the company has expanded to support more than 35 languages, with educational tools for adults and children. The company is well-positioned to continue on this growth trajectory in the coming years.

Behind the scenes of the company’s success is a deep commitment to building a product with value, integrity, purpose, and service to each learner. Years of research have contributed to a product that people love. Customer Analytics have been central to the company’s strategy since day one. Currently, at Drops, Indicative makes it possible for a small data analyst team to gather, act upon, and share reporting with the entire organization quickly. 

Keep reading to learn how Indicative equips Drops with the right balance of detail and accuracy in a way that is user-friendly while supporting sophisticated use.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of Drops’ user base
  • Identify business patterns from its audience, faster
  • Free up decision-making power across the company
  • Empower data analysts to answer questions more thoroughly, faster
  • Unite geographically dispersed team around a shared source of truth
  • Ensure global compliance-readiness of analytics systems

“Indicative offered all of the things that we wanted in our analytics platform, namely the ability to collect a lot of events, a long-term data history, and the ability to export to BigQuery.”

William Rekshan

Growth Data Analyst

Drops dashboard using Indicative


Drops is part of a rising sector of global-first, digital companies that connect knowledge seekers around the world. That means that the company needs to understand its user base, all unique humans, through screens. The company requires a perspective beyond clicks, taps, and swipes to form this complete picture. 

Another thing to note is that Drops is a geographically dispersed team. As a small company, every teammate needs to feel empowered to make their best judgment calls—while having access to the same universal source of truth. 

That source of truth begins with a deep understanding of customers’ authentic experiences.

Drops dashboard using Indicative
  • Understand audiences on a human level
  • Translate diverse customer experiences into a quantitative summary
  • Empower a global, remote team with common basis of understanding
  • Equip experienced data analysts with sophisticated, high-caliber insights
  • Build a beloved product

“Beyond the technical and analytical capabilities, Indicative’s customer support is best-in-class and always available to help us navigate questions," explains William. "The decision was between a more expensive tier in another platform, Indicative, or in-house solutions. In-house solutions seemed too time consuming and difficult. Increasing the tiers with the other solution was prohibitively expensive. Indicative provided the right mix of capabilities, support, and price.”


Drops discovered Indicative after running into a bottleneck with its previous software solution, Amplitude. The existing analytics solution could not scale with the needs of the company.

At that point, William and his team considered building an analytics platform in-house. Upon further scoping, they decided against it. The undertaking would have been too costly and challenging of an effort. 

Getting up and running with Indicative was straightforward. Immediately, William gained an ability to run analyses much faster than he was able to in the past. He explains that being able to access historical data so quickly has been a “game changer” for analytic discussions for the company.

  • Choose tech infrastructure that can scale with the business
  • Get an efficient analytics platform up and running quickly
  • Access historical data
  • Save time for everyone at the company and help them perform better


Indicative helps Drops create alignment between quantitative trends and human perspectives. The team uses Indicative to systematize the following in their workflows:

  • Monitoring of key behaviors (error message, purchase events, first session completion, etc.)
  • A/B test analysis
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Investigating support tickets

When Drops needed to verify regulatory compliance to support the launch of its children’s app, Indicative was able to support it from a data privacy perspective. Other analytics platforms were not able to support this need. 

With its initial analytics workflows in place, Drops is able to run faster, deeper, and more efficient ad hoc analyses. This capability is crucial for a small team supporting a geographically dispersed, global organization.

  • Build an efficient process for keeping customers their happiest
  • Make data exploration easier
  • Satisfy compliance requirements without the overhead of extra work
  • Take growth to new levels
  • Conduct faster, deeper, and more efficient ad hoc analyses
  • Empower data analysts to execute more thorough reporting, faster

“Indicative has given us the ability to quickly access historical data,” says William. “This ability will be a game changer for analytic discussions. Indicative segmentation and funnel charts are surprisingly sophisticated. It’s a cost effective analytics platform that allows a lot of events and provides the tools for almost any analysis you want to conduct.”

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