Turning Data into Opportunities

Indicative helps TodayTix understand real-time customer journey data and leverage these insights to democratize decision-making across the company.


From day one, TodayTix has run on the belief that life is better with theater in it. When theaters are full, creators, communities and audiences thrive. The company aims to connect everyone to the best shows in every city. With this passion, TodayTix has grown into the world’s leading theater ticketing platform, partnering with thousands of producers and artists to find a seat for everyone. 

Flash back to 2013, the year that TodayTix was founded. Two lifelong friends and Broadway producers teamed up to sell surplus tickets to shows in New York. Over the next 7 years, the company became so popular that it expanded to 15 global cities. It is now a loved, recognizable brand among millions of arts and culture enthusiasts. 

Customer Analytics has been a central part of TodayTix’s growth story. Indicative helps TodayTix understand real-time customer journey data and leverage these insights to democratize decision-making across the company, while strengthening relationships with theatergoers around the world. 

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  • Democratize decision-making across teams
  • Conserve software development resources
  • Implement analytics that can scale with the business
  • Gain insight into real-time customer journeys
  • Build more robust and efficient data analytics processes
  • Ensure successes are more predictable

“A tool is only as good as the people willing to use it. You have to build a culture around data obsession and invest people in caring about outcomes over outputs. Our next step is to continuously get better at sizing opportunities. Prioritization should be more of a science than an art and we can use Indicative to not only recognize where the majority of our customers are, but to be forward looking in predicting how many will be impacted by changes we make across our products.”

Thomas de Simon

Vice President Product


TodayTix needs a clear perspective into how, when, and where customers are engaging with products. The company depends on this insight to drive conversions.

Prior to working with Indicative, TodayTix used Amplitude for analyzing user behavior and event data.

TodayTix learned about Indicative from a data analyst candidate during an interview. The individual mentioned that he had enjoyed using Indicative and that it was easy to set up, with all of the main features that the company needed. 

  • Meet the demands of a fast-growing business
  • Replace existing platform that was becoming cost prohibitive as the business scaled
  • Establish structure for analyzing user behavior and event data
  • Gain insights into pipeline to better amplify sales

“Indicative offered the best overall solution. Competitive options, in addition to being cost prohibitive, offered minimal assistance with integration and the on-going support proved insufficient as our business and data structure evolved. Compared to Indicative, competitor's integration process was highly resource-intensive on our side which made getting on-going optimizations prioritized with our internal team difficult.”

Park Denning

SVP Global Operations


Indicative has helped TodayTix create a strong company foundation for data analysis and reporting. This foundation has helped the company unify its culture around data for better real-time decision-making.

With clear OKRs in place—something that TodayTix did not have in place, in the pastevery team member can feel more confident testing hypotheses and responding to needs in real-time. Everyone in the company can make continuous progress forward, without second-guessing themselves or wasting time. Every team member can ask questions in real-time without needing to write code or SQL.

This perspective has been critical to the business’s continued expansion, particularly into new markets.

  • Get up and running quickly
  • Deploy integrations seamlessly
  • Achieve new layers of agility within the business, on a continuous basis
  • Clarify company objectives through OKRs
  • Answer questions without needing to write code or use SQL


Indicative helps TodayTix remove friction in its business, beginning with everyone at the company having access to the same customer journeys. 

This perspective has helped TodayTix find new, untapped opportunities in its business. For instance, one creative engineer needed a way to reduce errors in checkout and realized, through an Indicative query, that tens of thousands of dollars were falling through the cracks due to customers attempting to pay with expired credit cards. One simple UX change was all that was needed to prevent this lost revenue.

The product team also uses Indicative to continuously monitor conversions through different user experience flows.  With this capability in place, the company can better stage investments of business-critical time, resources, and energy—understanding which platform they should be releasing first and evaluating whether to test a feature or to roll it out across all platforms. 

These workflows have left the team more thirsty for insights and data. 

  • Prioritize business needs more effectively
  • Make more effective decisions with data
  • Assess feature performance with more precision
  • Develop more processes around launches
  • Ensure successes are more predictable
  • Recover lost revenue that had otherwise gone unnoticed

“We have dashboards set up on large screens around the office in order to see how some aspects of the business are trending in real-time. Product teams run A/B tests and help track and share the results through Indicative. We also use it to help define our goals for upcoming projects. Any sizing effort starts by looking at historical data, where our customers are, and what areas of the product can be improved to better serve them. The team at Indicative has been extremely supportive throughout the entire process, on an ongoing basis. They are always available for questions and very eager for our feedback on new features or tweaks.”

Victoria Ugarte

Senior Product Manager

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