Webinar: Product Demo – Understanding the Full Customer Funnel

Written by Indicative Team


As part of our weekly product demo series, Ansley will show you how to use Indicative to uncover the ideal customer journey that leads to conversion.

What you can expect to be covered:

  1. Identify the meaningful touch points that drive users to convert
  2. Analyze what customers are doing once they’ve converted
  3. Segment users based on attributes and behavior to build personalized experiences that speed up conversion
Popular Indicative tools that will be featured:
  • Reverse Journeys
  • Cohort
  • Forward Journeys
  • Multipath Funnel + related advanced features

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Ansley Miller - Headshot

Product Specialist, Solutions Engineer
Over the last 3 years, Ansley has been heavily involved in representing software of all types. As part of the Indicative Team, Ansley strongly holds a Solutions Engineer position and is firmly an Indicative product extraordinaire. Prior to Indicative, she helped develop software to analyze stardust, which later went on to integrate with NASA’s space probe, Chandra. Ansley specializes in taking the highly technical and making it clear-cut and alluring!