Webinar: Product Demo – Indicative Overview

Written by Indicative Team


As part of our weekly product demo series, Daniel Vaccaro will show you how to use all of Indicative’s most popular features while using a publicly available demo data set provided by a fictions company called PetBox.

PetBox is a monthly subscription service company providing pet products, services, and experiences to their customers. Follow along using the same data here.

Watch this webinar if you are interested in learning about the following:

  1. How to analyze the success of a new feature launch by the product team
  2. How to identify your most profitable conversion path along  your customer journey
  3. How to build personalized segments for advanced advertising capabilities
  4. How to measure the success of marketing campaigns on the new feature
  5. How long does it take for a user to engage after first discovering the new feature?

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Meet the speaker:

As a member of Indicative’s Customer Success Team, Dan brings over 6 years of product support experience. When not focused on Indicative, Dan enjoys traveling via working remotely as well as investing in real estate.