Webinar: Setting Up Your Organization for the Modern Data Stack

Written by Indicative Team


Thu, Jun 24, 2021  |  12pm EST  |  9am PST

The data ecosystem is undergoing a rapid transition. Flexible pricing models and scalability have made it easy for every company to own and control their own data, giving rise to the “modern data ecosystem.” Underpinning this is the cloud data warehouse, now becoming the gravity well for all business data and the central hub connecting to tools that ingest, transform, and prepare data to and from the cloud. 

The evolution of the data stack has given rise to the “modern data team.” This is a shift in organizational structure with the “analytics engineer” at its center. But, what is the modern data team? How has the modern data ecosystem, where companies fully own their data stack, shift organizational structure? What are the key changes that businesses need to make to create a successful data-driven company? Will we finally see data coming out of silos and be democratized across an organization? 

In this webinar, Jeremy Levy, CEO of Indicative, sits down with David Krevitt from dbt and Tejas Manohar from Hightouch to discuss the rise of the modern data team and what it means for organizations. 

This webinar will cover:

  • How the modern data stack is ushering in the democratization of data across the organization
  • How to get teams invested in becoming data-centric
  • New pain points, opportunities, roles and use cases that will emerge with the rise of the modern data team

Meet the Speakers

Jeremy Levy is the CEO and Co-Founder of Indicative, the only product analytics platform for the data warehouse. He is a serial entrepreneur and a veteran of New York City’s Silicon Alley. Jeremy Co-Founded Xtify, the first Mobile CRM for the Enterprise, acquired by IBM in 2013. He also Co-Founded MeetMoi, a pioneering location-based dating service for mobile sold to Match.com in 2014.


Tejas Manohar is the cofounder/co-CEO of Hightouch. Prior to founding Hightouch, Tejas was an early engineer at Segment, the leading company in the Customer Data Platform (CDP) space that was acquired by Twilio for $3.2B. At Segment, Tejas realized that many of the challenges of building a best-in-class CDP would be better solved on top of the data warehouse and a modern data stack and hence, he founded Hightouch. When Tejas isn’t thinking about data, he likes running and playing competitive table tennis.


David Krevitt leads Acquisition Marketing at Fishtown Analytics, the makers of dbt. Prior to joining Fishtown, David led an analytics consultancy, created a reasonably popular YouTube channel, and spent a lot of time offline in the high desert of New Mexico. His yearbook quote: laziness is a virtue.