Building Better Products

From a Single Source of Truth

Indicative is designed for product teams to access complex analysis on customer behavior without the need for SQL, analytic languages, or data analysts. Only Indicative connects directly to your data warehouse, your single source of truth, and is purpose-built for the modern data infrastructure.

Why We Built Indicative

Indicative was built by Jeremy Levy and Andrew Weinrich, serial entrepreneurs who together founded two successful companies that were acquired in 2013. The idea for Indicative arose from a common thread powering the success of their two companies: The way they leveraged data to inform product decisions, essentially building their own Product Analytics tool internally. That tool was the genesis for Indicative today.

Indicative’s vision is to provide a platform that allows anyone in an organization to use data for making every decision—without having to use SQL or rely on data teams.

Jeremy Levy
Co-Founder and CEO

Jeremy Levy is a serial entrepreneur and a veteran of New York City’s Silicon Alley. Jeremy Co-Founded Xtify, the first Mobile CRM for the Enterprise, acquired by IBM in 2013. He also Co-Founded MeetMoi, a pioneering location-based dating service for mobile sold to

Andrew Weinreich
Co-Founder and Chairman

Andrew Weinreich is a serial entrepreneur, social networking pioneer, and active presence in NYC’s Silicon Alley for two decades. To date, he’s founded 7 startups and has been awarded 2 software patents. He leads Predicting Our Future, a podcast about the next revolutions in technology.

Marc Liebmann
Chief Revenue Officer

Marc has over 20 years of experience working with early-stage companies and large enterprises including SVP at IAC Search & Applications and President of ironSource US. In 2016, Marc co-founded Cinch (now, a commerce solution aggregating local businesses to compete against Amazon.


Indicative is on a mission to make every business data-driven by making data more accessible than ever. Our culture is all about empowering individuals to perform at their highest potential. This means autonomy, flexible work hours, and a team that respects one another and pushes you to deliver your best work.

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