Customer Analytics & Journey Maps

Discover the most common paths customers take through your product and towards conversion.

Visualize the complete Customer Journey

  • Discover the paths that lead to conversion
  • Answer common questions like what users do after they create an account or log on to your product
  • Identify the path users most frequently take through your product to inform your product roadmap and improve customer experience
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Interact with the Journeys customers take

  • Understand new user behavior by mapping their Journeys
  • Analyze the difference in the way new and existing users navigate the product
  • Build Funnels and Cohorts based on an in-depth analysis of how customers move through your product
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Eliminate churn

  • Know what paths customers take before they cancel, drop off, or churn
  • Prioritize your product roadmap by improving features to retain customers
  • Identify the most common paths that lead to churn and change the behaviors of customers before they drop off
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Ask, answer, and act on the most important questions about your customers and their behavior.

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Cohort Analysis

Build behavioral cohorts that pinpoint the features and campaigns that most engage and retain customers.

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People Insights

Explore an individual user’s full journey and session activity to discover core behaviors and create highly personalized segments.

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Dashboards and Reporting

Save your Indicative analyses to a Dashboard, or as a Bookmark, and share them with your colleagues.

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Multipath Customer Funnel

Visualize and optimize conversion and retention with Indicative's unique Multipath Funnel.

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