What Is Product Analytics?

Written by Indicative Team


Product Analytics Defined

Product analytics is a specialized application of business intelligence (BI) and analytical software. 

Product analytics is an approach focused on companies having a complete understanding of how their users engage with the products that a company builds, markets and sells.  Product analytics involves employing tools that have the capabilities to map user interactions with a company’s product.

By using this type of analytics for technology products, business teams are able to track a users digital footprint throughout the whole customer journey to better understand what users like or dislike and the factors leading users to engage, return or churn.

Analytics is a critical piece of modern product management, as it allows businesses to gain insights and run reports, that apps and websites have been unable to do before.  Without analytics, the data a business collects may be inconsistent and unstructured or be improperly formatted. By incorporating product analytics, it allows the data to be useful as it integrates the data collected from all sources into a single organized, readable view. 

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