You’re Missing Valuable Data Insights. Here’s How To Change That.

Written by Indicative Team


A new partnership between Snowplow and Indicative is solidifying in-house data ownership as the new normal. Snowplow customers already understand the value of owning their own data: it gives them the freedom to leverage that data to provide insights that might otherwise be locked away.

But another obstacle arises once a company has gained control of their data: they need to understand it. Just like anything else that sits unused in a warehouse, data is valueless without anyone taking advantage of it.
Traditional business intelligence reporting tools (think: Tableau) will tell you the basic actions users performed. But these tools prevent modern businesses from accessing the full value of their data because they are limited by pre-set queries in SQL. Only behavioral analytics can illuminate the why and how behind customer actions, and Indicative is the leader in the field.

Indicative is the only behavioral analytics tool that can give you a complete understanding of the full customer journey. Combined with Snowplow, Indicative can easily turn your data into actionable insights, putting the power of behavioral analytics directly in the hands of marketing and product teams. Its advanced funnel features, intuitive queries, and organized reporting tools are easy to use, so data scientists are free to perform higher value analyses.

Let’s say a media company is trying to evaluate the effectiveness of its multichannel marketing campaigns. They recently used an email blast with a call to action for users to subscribe, and ran ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Using the funnel feature, this media company can move away from the outdated last click attribution model, toward multichannel attribution. Now, this publisher can focus its marketing spend on the strategies that produced the highest conversion rates.

Now, let’s say a SaaS company is trying to understand how their customers are using a newly released feature. They can create segments in Indicative based on user attributes, and measure how likely each segment is to use the feature. Then, they can create a segment of users who have not yet used the feature, and send these users a personalized push notification alerting them to the release. Later, the team can log back into Indicative to see the how effectively their message drove users to the feature.
Together, Snowplow and Indicative can unlock the value of your data and make it work for you. Don’t spend another day missing important insights. Sign up for Indicative and Snowplow today.

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