What Is A User Profile?

Written by Indicative Team


User Profile Defined

A user profile is a collection of information associated with a particular user. A user profile can be defined as the explicit digital representation of the identity of the user, with respect to their operating system, software applications or websites visited. 

The user profile assists in associating characteristics with users and enables the understanding of the interactive behavior and online preferences of the user.

Characteristics used within user profiles include:

  • Demographic Profile (Age, Physical Attributes, Language, Family)
  • Psychological Profile (Attitudes, Beliefs and Opinions)
  • Professional Profile (Education, Work Experience)
  • Environment (Home, Office, Mobile)
  • Usage (Behavior)

The characteristics gathered can differ depending on the business and the products and/or services they provide. 

User profiles fall into the category of customer-orientated tools. By collecting data from these profiles and using it with analytical techniques, businesses are able to understand who they are building and marketing products/services for. This in-turn increases the functionality of businesses sales applications.

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