What Is Snowflake?

Written by Indicative Team


Snowflake Defined

Snowflake offers a cloud based analytic data warehouse provided as a SaaS.  Using a SQL cloud-based software and database engine, Snowflake allows users to store and analyze data.

Snowflakes data warehouse architecture is unique as its integrated system provides complete relational database support for both structured and semi-structured data, as well as a hybrid of traditional shred-disk and shared-nothing architectures. 

Within Snowflakes architecture there are three layers:

  • The Storage Layer – This layer organizes data into multiple micro partitions that are internally optimized.
  • The Compute Layer  – This layer executes queries using the data from the storage layer. 
  • The Cloud Services Layer – This layer sees all activities such as authentication, security, metadata management and query optimizer be executed.

Snowflakes current competitors include BigQuery, Redshift and Cloudera. Snowflake differentiates itself from competitors  by offering automatic scaling of storage, workgroup or resources for any job instantly.

At Indicative, we pride ourselves on our data warehouse integration. We can integrate with Snowflake, connecting to your event data for customer analysis. Contact us to learn more.

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