Boosting Efficiency with Real-Time Data Analysis

Written by Indicative Team


In almost all areas of our lives, we expect to know what’s going on instantly — we receive news alerts seconds after a large event happens, and we can track traffic and train delays on our phones.

So why would you settle for business analytics that don’t keep up with the rest of your life?

That’s why we’re announcing a new, quick set-up integration that will bring data processing up to speed. Now, Indicative customers who use Snowplow will have the power to analyze big data with real-time analytics.

Snowplow’s open-source software already allows companies to collect rich and detailed event-based data about their customer journey. But analyzing that data has traditionally required hours writing SQL to tap into valuable insights.

We partnered up to bring speedy big data analytics to every business because fast insights are no longer a luxury — they’re a standard business need for efficient decision making. By combining Snowplow data with Indicative’s high-speed behavioral analytics engine, marketers, product managers, and data analysts can generate their own insights and use cases in seconds to make better decisions.

Our new integration takes less than 10 minutes to set up, and under Indicative’s free tier, companies receive 1 billion events per month at no cost.

As the saying goes, time is money, and receiving information sooner is an advantage for your business. Imagine getting information you can act on before your competitors, or immediately seeing a flaw in a campaign or product release so you can begin the conversation with your team about how to course correct.

These are the types of business intelligence advantages a real-time data analysis platform can provide. Did we mention all of this for free with Indicative’s new free tier and Snowplow’s Open Source offering?

Modern businesses need to make data-driven decisions quickly and accurately, so we’ve laid out the top 5 ways real-time analytics can help enhance this process. 

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With real-time analytics, you can:

1. Efficiently Share KPIs Across Your Company

Have you ever received a report you’ve been asking for, only for it to be a week old and no longer relevant? With real-time analytics, you can share and receive dashboards with your colleagues by copying a link, knowing that the analysis will always be fresh whenever someone looks at it.

Whether you’re simply sharing dashboards with your team, or displaying them on TVs around the office, real-time reports give you the ability to efficiently keep your entire company up to date and on the same page — with no additional work. By disseminating your data more efficiently throughout your company, anyone in the office can call out when one of your blog posts is seeing an influx of traffic, or when customers are repeatedly hitting a snag in your funnels.

2. QA Your Tracking From the Very Beginning

Once you put out a new campaign or product release, you’re going to want to know how it performs. No one wants to get stuck in a situation where a week after the release, you realize that the analytics tracking was broken. Real-time data analysis enables you to QA your analytics tracking from the get-go, so you can minimize the risk of losing precious data.

For example, if you launch a new site design and suddenly notice that no attribution information is being tracked, you will know to loop in the relevant team members to fix the problem quickly before missing any more insights.

3. Build a Dashboard Once, and Know That it Will Always Have the Most Up-To-Date Data

Have you ever been asked to pull a KPI report at 5 p.m.? Real-time dashboards can get you out the door more quickly. Pre-build the analyses and use cases you track on a regular basis and store them in dashboards or bookmarks. With Indicative’s big data integration through Snowplow, these dashboards update on their own, so every time you open up the dashboard, you’ll be confident it contains the most up-to-date data available.

Simply share these dashboards with your boss, and they’ll see the most up to date information every time, without adding to your workload.

4. Respond to Red Flags and Opportunities With Speed and Agility

Don’t wait for your daily or weekly data logging to find out if a post has gone viral. Real-time data analysis gives you the ability to immediately spot opportunities to double down on campaigns and/or product features that work.

On the flip side, real-time analytics can also help you quash points of friction with more agility. When releasing a new feature, for example, check your real-time funnels to see right away if any steps are broken and causing customers to leave your site.

5. Iterate Quickly on Campaigns and New Product Features

Once you launch a campaign or new product release, you’re itching to see the direction the results are trending. Keeping close tabs on your campaign or product release allows you to start the conversation early in anticipation of ways to change course or build on momentum.

But if you rely on a data team to analyze your work, it could take days, or even weeks, to get the information you need to optimize for success. And by then, the insights might already out of date.

Indicative already reduces the time it takes to analyze your customer journey to just seconds — and with real-time data analysis through our Snowplow integration, you can know immediately what’s working and what’s not so you can iterate efficiently.

Start tracking your business in real-time today!

(It’s free, forever.)

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