Why Aren’t Customer Analytics Companies Letting You Connect To Your Data?

Written by Jeremy Levy


Data Storage Has Changed

The data landscape has transformed dramatically over the past few years and major players in the analytics space are failing to keep up. Fifteen years ago when I started my first company, in order for us to understand customer behavior we had to buy servers, rack them, and pay dedicated software engineers to gain insights. The market has moved to a place where every company, big and small, is able to afford their own data warehouse in the cloud.
Today any entrepreneur can sign up for Google BigQuery or Amazon Redshift and have a data solution that can scale with their business in a matter of hours. With the emergence of SaaS products and the widespread use of cloud storage, the cost for storing and synthesizing data has never been more affordable. The barriers that once separated a company from owning their customer data are insignificant. If storing your data is more accessible than ever, why are big-name customer analytics platforms locking you into their proprietary storage?

Customer Analytics Isn’t Keeping Up

As the market continues to move in this direction, tools aren’t responding to these changes, especially when it comes to data warehouse integrations. Current customer analytics products in the market (Amplitude, Mixpanel, Kissmetrics, etc.) don’t account for these critical shifts in how customers want to store their data. The future is about having control of your data and where it is stored, but they’re not building for that future. They have business strategies predicated on locking you into an ecosystem that they own, and that’s neither customer friendly nor aligned with the market’s future.

A Cloud First Approach

Indicative is the first and only customer analytics platform that provides data warehouse integrations, connecting directly to where a company’s data lives and empowering them to answer their own questions and understand customer behavior. This is the future we see and want to foster for customer analytics. A future where businesses can take advantage of the affordability and convenience of the cloud for better data, better analytics, and democratization of their data. 

Customers should be able to choose the analytics platform they want, without worrying about being locked in. As players in the data analytics space, it’s our job to empower business users to answer their own questions, understand their customer behavior, and choose where to store their data. I believe customers choose to stay with Indicative because it’s the best, not because they’re locked into an out of date ecosystem. If your analytics platform isn’t adapting to a cloud-first data approach, what else are they not adapting to?