August Product Update

Written by Indicative Team


The data landscape has transformed dramatically over the past few years and our CEO, Jeremy Levy, believes major players in the analytics space are failing to keep up. Here’s a snippet of his thoughts on the future of cloud-first analytics:

“Today any entrepreneur can sign up for Google BigQuery or Amazon Redshift and have a data solution that can scale with their business in a matter of hours. With the emergence of SaaS products and the widespread use of cloud storage, the cost for storing and synthesizing data has never been more affordable. The barriers that once separated a company from owning their customer data are insignificant. If storing your data is more accessible than ever, why are big-name customer analytics platforms locking you into their proprietary storage?”

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New Features:

User property names will now be simplified for easier query building. With this enhancement, complex strings will be shortened so that you can quickly identify what they represent. Check it out!
We’ve added percentages in segmentation! Now, when you mouse over your analysis, you will see the percentage of each ‘group by’ result. Take a look! 
✔ ICYMI: Free plan dashboards will only refresh automatically once every 24 hours. To unlock unlimited refreshes, you can upgrade here.

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