Feature Release: User Segments

Written by Esmeralda Martinez


We’re excited to announce our newest tool, User Segments! If you’ve ever identified an interesting group of users and wanted to save them for additional analysis, this is the feature you’ve been waiting for.

What’s New

  • User Segments: You are now able to define, save, and easily use custom user segments as filters to dig even deeper into your customers’ journeys.
    • Create custom user segments by clicking on any data point within an analysis, and choosing whether the group will only include users from that specific data point, or users from all data points in that series.
    • The data panel will now include a “User Segments” tab, from which you will be able to add your saved user segments to queries.
    • Saved User Segments are managed through the new “User Segments” tab on the navigation bar.
  • Naming Updates
    • Indicative users are now referred to as “teammates”.
    • “People Properties” and “People Insights” are now called “User Properties” and “User Insights” respectively.

Customer Success Team Update

  • Our customer success team has been hard at work to make sure you have the resources to start using User Segments like a pro.
    • Our knowledge base has been updated with a new User Segments section.
    • Register for our Webinar for some ideas to get you started!

Before You Go

  • We value your feedback — this tool is the outcome of the conversations we’ve had with our customers. Let us know if you have any questions, thoughts on User Segments, or other features you would like to see added at support@indicative.com.