What Is An Anchor Text?

Written by Indicative Team


Anchor Text Defined

Anchor text refers to the clickable words used to link one web page to another. Simply, it is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink, most notably seen as blue and underlined. 

Anchor texts are apart of SEO best practices, with search engines viewing the anchor text to be more relevant to the page it may be linking to, rather than the generic text in the meta description. Search engines also use the keywords in this text to help determine the topic of the specific web page.

There are 6 types of anchor text:

Exact Match –  includes a keyword that mirrors the page that the text is being linked to. 

Partial Match – includes a variation of the keyword on the linked-to page. 

Branded –  Using a brand name as the text.

Naked Link – A URL that is used as an anchor.

Generic – A generic word or phrase that is used as the anchor. 

Images – Google will use the text contained in the image’s alt attribute as the anchor text.

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