What Are UTM Parameters?

Written by Indicative Team


UTM Parameters Defined

UTM parameters, also known as UTM tags or codes, are customizable pieces of text that can be added to the end of URLS of marketing and promotional efforts to allow analytics software to track campaign traffic.

Adding these tags to the end of URL codes can give insight into how visitors are coming to a website and how they are interacting with any content associated with a campaign. Specifically UTM parameters can help answer questions regarding what email brought the most web traffic and what email generated the most revenue.

There are five different types of parameters a business can use:

  1. Utm Source – Identifies the source of traffic
  2. Utm Medium – Identifies the marketing medium where the link was share
  3. Utm Campaign – Identifies the specific campaign associated with that link
  4. Utm Content  – Identifies the paid search term associated with an ad
  5. Utm Campaign – Allows you to add any additional clarifying information to the URL string

Using a combination of these five tags can help business to develop valuable insights into their customers and their promotional efforts.

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