What Is A User Flow?

Written by Indicative Team


User Flow Defined

A user flow is a visual representation of the path a user takes when interacting with a website or an app.  The user flow highlights a users journey from the entry point,  to the final action. A user flow can be either written out or made digitally.

By visually showing a users path, it allows designers to evaluate and optimize the user experience with the goal of increasing client conversion rates.

In this flow, each touchpoint on the user’s journey is represented by a node in the flow chart. These nodes are characterized by a shape, and each shape indicates a particular process.

There are 3 types of user flow charts:

  • Task flows – focuses on how users travel through the platform while performing a specific task.
  • Wire flows – are a combination of wireframes and flowcharts which focuses on the layout of a website or an app
  • User flows – focuses on the way a businesses target audience will interact with their product.

User flows are beneficial as they:

  • Create an intuitive interface
  • Evaluate existing interfaces
  • Present a product to clients or colleagues

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