What Is A Sprint?

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Sprint Defined

Sprint is an iteration of a continuous development cycle which details a set period of time which specific work is to be completed and made ready for review. 

Sprint terminology is used within Scrum Agile methodology.

There is a variety of roles involved in a sprint:

  • Product owner – the person that represents a business and liaises between the development team and customers. The product owner is in charge of working with the user group to define, prioritize and adjust what features will be in the product release.
  • Scrum Master – is the main facilitator for the projects development team. The Scrum Master manages the process of how information is exchanged.
  • Scrum Team – this is a group of people responsible for executing the work involved. This team can include developers, architects, designers, testers and IT operations.

Typically in a sprint there are certain meetings that are needed.

  • Standup – The goal of this meeting is to surface any blockers and challenges that would impact the teams ability to deliver the sprint goal.
  • Sprint Review – This is a team’s opportunity to showcase work to stakeholders and teammates before it hits production.
  • Sprint Retrospective – This is a teams opportunity to identify areas of improvement.

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