What Is Snowplow?

Written by Indicative Team


Snowplow Defined

Snowplow is an open-source, event level analytics platform that enables data collection from multiple platforms, to be used to power business information tools, machine learning models or for advanced data analytics. 

Snowplow’s platform has built its architecture on 5 main components:

  1. Extreme Scalability 
  2. Permanent Event History
  3. Direct Access to Individual Events
  4. Separation of Concerns
  5. Support Any Analysis

Snowplow has the ability to track a website, application or IoT hardware, through trackers. Trackers are small pieces of code that execute on given conditions which generate event-level data that is then processed and analyzed in an organization’s infrastructure. 

Snowplow Analytics has two ways of processing data gained from their trackers:

  • Batched pipeline is the processing data at regular time intervals, specified by your organization’s requirements and stored in a database for analysis. 
  • Real-time pipeline involves the processing and analyzing of data in real time. 

Alternatives to Snowplow include; Google BigQuery, Quoble and Hadoop.

At Indicative, we pride ourselves on our data warehouse integration. We can integrate with Snowplow, connecting to your event data for customer analysis. Contact us to learn more.

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