September 2022 Product Update

Written by Esmeralda Martinez


Indicative offers some of the most comprehensive analysis available in the product analytics space. From Journeys to Multipath Funnels, Indicative provides granular insight on how your customers interact with your website or app.

This month we’re happy to release a few updates that will help make analysis more frictionless. Each change focuses on enhancing your experience to help you get a more productive session with Indicative.

Iterate on Queries More Easily

Customers come to us with a question–did this feature have an impact on conversion rate? What path did users take to get to this page? After answering an initial question, it’s common to ask more questions before coming to a data-driven conclusion.

Previously, after running a query, a change to the query (adding an event, filter, etc.) would cause the data from the initial query to become hidden. This made it challenging for customers to answer follow-up questions as initial query results influence what variables to change in the next query. For example, the Journeys tool provides a birdseye view of user behavior on an app; however, after getting a high-level overview, customers drill in to specific paths users take to get to a target event. Adjusting the query would cause the results from the initial query to become hidden, making it difficult to remember which attributes and events to change.


Now, after running a query, you can tweak the query while continuing to see the data from your previous query. This gives you visibility of the results of your initial query while allowing you to make updates for the next query. No more constant re-running of queries.

EU Data Localization

As a premium service offering, Indicative customers now have the option to host their data in an EMEA regional data center, to fulfill corporate policies or to meet compliance requirements. Certain local privacy and data protection laws, such as Germany’s mandate that data originating from that country stays within those borders, until the data subject provides explicit consent for a cross-border data transfer.

To learn more about how we support GDPR compliance, please refer to our documentation.

Integrated mParticle + Indicative Experience

Ever since Indicative and mParticle joined forces, our customers have been asking how we plan to further integrate the two offerings.

We’re excited to announce a new, tightly integrated experience for our joint customers which includes the following enhancements:

  • Single sign-on: Indicative and mParticle share a common set of admin users and credentials. Customers can seamlessly sign into Indicative first, and then switch over to mParticle, or vice versa without having to reauthenticate.
  • Turnkey integration setup: Customers can immediately start forwarding data from mParticle to Indicative, without having to copy/paste API keys.
  • Free 30-day trial: All existing mParticle customers can now try out Indicative for free, by initiating a self-service free trial. This will be a fully featured trial, with access to all of Indicative’s features, including Multipath Funnels, Journeys, and Segmentation analyses. To learn more, please see our blog post.

For existing joint Indicative and mParticle customers who want to take advantage of this new integrated experience, please reach out to your customer success manager.

Other Improvements

  • Cumulative and non-cumulative settings are able to be toggled without running a new query.
  • We made trend analysis more clear, with dates matched to the dates of a previous period or interval
  • Updated permissions on Dashboards so that read only users cannot edit analyses
  • Data warehouse integrations now support millisecond precision for events and correctly display the most recent load time
  • Funnel conversion settings are persisted across queries, reducing the time it takes to set up a query
  • Support for non-US regions for BigQuery data sources

What’s Next

Our focus is on ensuring customers get productive sessions in Indicative. This means you can expect more features around making the experience more intuitive. We’re also investing in ways to reduce latency and provide query results even faster. More to come in next month’s update.