What Is Semi-Structured Data?

Written by Indicative Team


Semi-Structured Data Defined

Semi-structured data is information that does not reside in a relational database but does have some organizational properties that make it easier to analyze.

Characteristics of semi-structured data include:

  • Data does not conform to a data model but has some structure.
  • Data is not stored in  rows and columns
  • This type of data contains tags and elements (Metadata) which is used to group data and describe how the data is stored
  • Similar entities are grouped together and organised in a hierarchy

Advantages of semi-structured data include:

  • It not being constrained by a fixed schema
  • It is flexible as the Schema can  easily be changed
  • Data is portable
  • Its supports users who can not express their need in SQL
  • It can deal easily with the heterogeneity of sources.

In Data Defined, we help make the complex world of data more accessible by explaining some of the most complex aspects of the field.

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