Product Update: September 2021

Written by Indicative Team


If you feel the year is flying by, you’re not alone. We hope you also closed out Q3 strong and are looking forward to Q4 and the Holidays! This month we wrap-up Q3 with a list of things we’ve been working on since our last update. We’ve got a lot of updates so read to the end.

User-First Lookup

You asked, and we listened. This month we released a much easier way to look up your users. Now, you can search any one of your users by entering their username or ID in the search bar under the “User” tool and search. Gone are the days of looking up users by an event they performed or a segment they’re in. Read more about it here.

User-First Lookup in Indicative

Benefit: Reduced time to value
Availability: All pricing tiers

Multiple Starting & Ending Journeys

In August, we released Journeys with an Ending Event. This month we added to it by enabling multiple starting & ending event options to the widely popular Journeys tool. Why did we do this? Imagine you have two sign-up options, one for mobile and one for web, and you are curious about how these different customers navigate your product.

Benefit: Better understand user segments
Availability: Enterprise only

Multiple Starting and Ending Journeys in Indicative

Site Visit is starting the app via web client, and Start App is starting the app via the app itself

Additionally, we’ve seen customers use this update to display related journeys in a single visualization. Not sure what that means? Have a look here:

Multiple Starting and Ending Journeys - 2

Here we see a Journeys analysis that is ending with purchase or subscription. These events could represent two large actions that are different, but related.

To uncover additional user cases and all the bells and whistles of Multiple Starting & Ending Journeys, have a look at our documentation here

Google Cloud Storage Integration

New data source integration announcement!

One of Indicative’s main differentiators is its ability to connect directly to your data warehouse or data lake. Today, we’ve added an integration with Google Cloud Storage (GCS). What is GCS and how is it being used? We’ll let Google do the talking…

Benefit: Connect to your data
Availability: Enterprise only

To learn more about Google Cloud Storage and how this new integration works with Indicative, read our newly updated support documentation here

Data Warehouse Configuration: All Integrations

While on the topic of data integration, we also enhanced the way you configure your data warehouse. This update is near and dear to our hearts as it brings us yet one more step closer to the mission of fully self-service product analytics. 

Previously, anyone wanting to connect their data warehouse to Indicative needed to speak with an Indicative Product Specialist to finish the task. However, with this release we are removing that barrier where data warehouse customers can now give us all the information we need to build their data warehouse integration without ever having to speak to an Indicative representative. 

Data Warehouse Configuration

Read more about this process in our new support documentation, here

Benefit: Reduced time to value
Availability: Enterprise only

Other Improvements

  • Organization admins can toggle “Public Sharing” on and off
  • Upgrade page has been redesigned and optimized with Stripe
  • Learning Guides are prompted when users first enter a query tool
  • Editing Connection Information is now possible in Data Sources