Product Update: October 2021

Written by Indicative Team


Happy Autumn!

October festivities are officially behind us and the team here at Indicative is heads down working on some big launches ahead. In the meantime, we keep turning out enhancements designed to make your lives easier. If you’re a designated admin, these improvements are especially for you.

Billing Page Redesign

We get it. Our billing page wasn’t looking great so we redesigned it and added some functionality. Now, you can view your payment information, change your credit card, view past invoices, and get details on how you’re using your plan such as monthly event volume. More self-serve functionality, less time, and no need to contact support.

Billing Page Redesign

Stripe Billing

Speaking of billing, our payment modal was way out of date. So, we’ve updated it to make it easier for you to enter your credit card information.

Stripe Billing Redesign - Indicative product update

You might have missed last month’s updates:

Define Your Data

Many users of Indicative aren’t intimately familiar with their data model. So, we’ve introduced a widget on the “My Hub” page that displays the progress admins have made on defining data on the events and properties page.

It should serve as encouragement, and a gentle reminder, for team admins to define the data model as they use Indicative.

Define Your Data - 1

Define Your Data - 2

New and Improved Tutorials

In August, we rolled out an entirely new experience of our interactive tutorials, or Learning Guides. Go to “My Hub” and click on a tutorial in the Learning Guides section to get a walkthrough of any feature in the Indicative platform.

In addition to exploring how to create a Multipath Funnel Analysis or Cohort Analysis, you can also explore users from a query, create a calculated metric, or analyze trends in Segmentation. Share with new team members or those who need a refresher.

Each interactive tutorial takes less than one minute to complete.

New Tutorials

New case study

Our customer INDOCHINO presented a case study with us at the Fivetran Modern Data Stack Conferences.

This case study shows you how INDOCHINO was able to increase sales by 10% immediately after implementing changes to their checkout page, thanks to the data they saw in Indicative.

Find it and other case studies here.

Alex, INDOCHINO VP of Growth Headshot

Latest Content

We’re big fans of all the things that product analytics can help you do. Here is some of the latest content you might have missed:

What’s next?

Expect to be surprised and delighted in the coming weeks. There are two major enhancements we’re looking to deliver very soon:

  1. New information architecture;
  2. Something super cool that has to do with the data warehouse and self-service

Stay tuned!