Product Update: May 2021

Written by Indicative Team


Happy June to each and every valued Indicator. We hope that our valued customers stateside had a thoughtful Memorial Day Weekend spent with family and friends. If you’re one of our international Indicators, we hope that the summer is coming at a good time, and you’re finding time to enjoy the longer days. Here at Indicative, our engineers have been busy this month developing a number of improvements to empower you to get the results you’re looking for. Check out what’s new:

ℹ Direct Link to Data Dictionary

The query builder is where the magic happens. However, it helps to be able to reference your data model when building your queries. We’ve made a number of additions to the Data Dictionary over the past few months, and here comes one more. When adding an event, property, or user segment to your query, click the little “i” on the right-hand side to open your event/property/segment details. There, you’ll find all the context you need while navigating through your data.

Direct Link to Data Dictionary in Indicative

🙋 Direct Link to User Activity Timelines

Have you ever wanted to view a specific user’s timeline, but the process of locating that user in Indicative is too dang tedious? Well, we agree, and we made a change. To locate your users in less than a second, simply append your User ID to the end of your URL in the following fashion:

and you’ll be redirected to that specific user’s timeline! Read all about it.

Direct Link to User Activity Timelines in Indicative

💻 Debug Console Improvements

If you’re an API customer, you may have used the Debug Console feature to validate your event tracking in real-time. We’ve made a couple of user-friendly tweaks to this piece of functionality. Each event will now appear as a row, which you can click on to view its nested properties. Additionally, we’ve introduced a slight buffer to make it easier to inspect your event stream in real-time. Check it out!

Debug Console Improvements in Indicative

😲 And Now for a Tease…

You may have noticed that our product update this month is a little lighter than usual. That’s because the Indicative team has been heads down working on some exciting projects! 

  • Did you like our new Journeys tool? We’re not stopping there. Journeys to an ending event, Journeys within a conversion window, exploring and creating user segments from Journeys are just a few of the improvements we have coming up soon.
  • This one is for the data geeks – thinking about using a data warehouse or data lake to power your product analytics? Indicative is already best in class for a data warehouse or data lake integrations… and we’re evolving our tech to even newer heights. Stay tuned… 

✨ Other Improvements

We also released some smaller bug fixes and improvement, including:

  • Pro customers are now able to query Customer Journeys with up to 15 steps and over a full 30-day horizon.
  • Journeys queries have been optimized for display in Dashboard Widgets.
  • Query menus in the Funnel tool were reported to be buggy. No more

Try out these exciting new features by exploring our Public Demo or logging into your account today! As you know, we love customer feedback. You can help us improve our tools by sharing your thoughts here

Thank you and happy analyzing!

May 2021 Customer Spotlight

Tsū Social rebrands as “display” and raises $20 million in funds. “‘We have created a social platform that is fundamentally and profoundly different from anything that has come before. Our platform is built for creators and brands in every genre, at all levels of influence, and their followers and fans’, said John Acunto, founder and chief innovation officer at display.

Nuri, formerly known as Bitwala, ushers in the crypto era with a sleek redesign. “We’ve completely reimagined our mobile and web app to make it easier than ever to invest in cryptocurrencies. Our ground-up redesign makes managing every aspect of your money more accessible.”

BentoBox continues to empower local restaurants as post-pandemic demand skyrockets. “As restaurants happily invite diners back inside their doors, restaurants should take a moment to access their delivery operations as the demand for delivery is only set to increase. Third-party delivery services can take much of the burden away from restaurant operators but at a cost that impacts the restaurant’s bottom line. We outlined the advantages and steps to starting in-house delivery.”

HeyJobs raises $12 mil Series A to redefine recruitment with advanced tech. “The HeyJobs platform leverages machine learning in an attempt to make high-skilled recruitment more scalable. It promises to match talent with job profiles and draw in the best candidates via targeted marketing and a “personalized application and assessment flow.”