Product Update: June 2020

Written by Indicative Team


As the world slowly opens back up and much uncertainty remains, here at Indicative we continue to use data to drive our business forward. To help you do the same, we’ve been hard at work releasing new features and functionality!

Funnel Tracking By Property

We just made Indicative’s already powerful Multipath Funnel even better. Analyzing complex user journeys with accuracy can be tricky. How can you ensure that your funnel is tracking conversions within the same session? That you’re tracking a specific item through the purchase flow? 

With Tracking Properties, you can now track user journeys using both user IDs and event properties. For example, you may want to track items purchased through a checkout funnel. Below shows how you could ensure that the item in the basket at checkout is the same as the item that was viewed.

Indicative Customer Analytics Feature - Funnel Tracking by Property

In some cases, you may need to use different event properties across the funnel, while holding the property values constant. For example, you might want to measure the efficacy of a recommended items panel by tracking the user journey from viewing a recommended item to purchase. With Each Step Mode, multiple properties can be tracked through the funnel.

Below shows how you could analyze the recommendation funnel by tracking an item using different properties for the panel event and purchase event. 

Indicative Customer Analytics Feature - Each Step Mode

Cohort Improvements and Nth Day Retention

What impacts my customer retention? We’ve optimized our Cohort tool to help you answer this question quickly and efficiently.

Imagine you’ve launched a super cool new product and realized a substantial increase in free sign-ups. Are these new users high quality? Are they retained? Use the new Line Charts visualization to view Nth day retention in your Cohort analysis.

Indicative Feature - Cohort Improvements and Nth Day Retention

You may want to organize cohorts by time generation, such as the day your users signed up. You may also want to organize cohorts by a shared characteristic, such as a geographic region. Maybe you don’t care about time generations or breakouts! Adding a breakout or generation to your Cohort analysis is now optional

Revenue in Cohort

How quickly do user actions result in revenue? What user actions affect my bottom line? Revenue analysis is perhaps the most meaningful retention analysis you can do with your app or website. To help you answer these questions, we’ve made improvements to our Cohort tool. 

Use Revenue as the target behavior to investigate which user behaviors lead to more money for your business. Test a few different cohort definitions, and optimize your website or app monetization. Check it out now!

Indicative Customer Analytics - Revenue in Cohorts

Analyze as Cohort

Have you ever created a funnel analysis and thought, “I’d love to see this in Cohort”? Maybe you created an email campaign designed to increase app usage and created a funnel that follows a customer journey from Email Sent to Open App. Now you want to know how often users come back to Open App in the days after the eblast.

There’s no need to manually re-create your query in Cohort. We’ve done it for you. Simply click the desired funnel path, then select Analyze as Cohort.

Indicative Customer Analytics Platform Feature - Analyze as Cohort

Funnel Stacked Bar Charts

Indicative already offers the most powerful funnel tool in the Customer Analytics space. We’ve just made it even more customizable. Our traditional multipath donut is perfect for visualizing multiple funnel journeys at the same time. We’ve gone one step further to optimize drop-off visualization. Select Stacked Bar in the menu bar to better visualize drop-off between steps.

Indicative - Customer Analytics Funnel Stacked Bar Charts

Now you can observe how many, and which percentage, of users dropped off between steps. Don’t forget to save your funnel analysis to a dashboard for quick views!

Reduced Data Warehouse Latency

Are you a customer on our Enterprise plan? Are you considering a direct data warehouse integration? Our data warehouse integrations offer data ingestion intervals of up to 8 times per day. Contact sales or your Customer Success Manager for more information.

Referral Program

Love Indicative? Tell your friends! If you refer someone to Indicative and they sign up for a paid plan, then you’ll receive $250. There is no limit to how many organizations you can refer, so go nuts!

Indicative - Refferal Program

We’re committed to making Customer Analytics accessible for everyone. Help us spread the word and earn $250 cash for doing so.

And here are some small, but helpful product updates: 

  • Manage your Events and Properties in Settings with bulk actions, event filters, autosave, and improved navigation.
  • Build better queries in Cohort using our guided query builder.
  • Revenue is now displayed according to your currency preference in dashboard widgets.
  • If you’re integrated using our API, you can now send events using the GET method.
  • We removed the legacy link from the Accounts and Billing dropdown. Legacy Indicative is still available on

Wow, that was a lot! If you’ve made it all the way down here, you might enjoy our blog for further Indicative-related content. You can also help us help you by submitting your feedback here

Happy analyzing!