Product Update: July 2020

Written by Indicative Team


This month, Americans celebrated Independence Day, Canadians celebrated Canada Day, the French celebrated Bastille Day, and many around the world celebrated Eid al-Adha! Indicative would like to wish everyone safe and happy holidays during this period of outdoor summer fun (and a pleasant winter for our friend south of the equator!). Amidst everything, we managed to roll out some new features and major improvements to help you achieve your results quickly and easily. 

Mark and manage milestones with all new Annotations! 📍

Record the major events that could impact your team’s analysis results with our revamped standalone annotations manager. Click the Annotation flag within any tool to open the manager and add, edit, or delete annotations with ease. You can also create an annotations widget for any dashboard to showcase a timeline of your team’s key results and milestones.


Find the right answer with Best Matches 👯

Understanding your data model is the key to querying success. To help you find what you’re looking for, we rolled out “Best Matches” across the platform. Best Matches will shortlist your Top 6 search results for events, properties, property values, or project names in any dropdown. 


Access saved work using the Views menu 📁

We cleaned up the Views dropdown to help you locate and access your saved work faster. Folders are listed alphabetically and you may edit or update your bookmarks before running them to achieve the exact results you’re looking for. 


Performance improvements are speeding things up 🏃🏾‍♀️

Vrooom… We made backend improvements and optimized some slower parts of Indicative. You should notice a snappier, more responsive interface and faster dashboards. View and organize your dashboards to experience improved speeds. Indicative has never been faster!

Testing vs. Production projects 📐

We automatically create two projects for new Indicative users: “Testing” (previously called “Development”) and “Production”. Testing projects are now limited and should be used to instrument your integration and validate new events before sending them to Production. Production projects are enabled for full access to our tools and they should be used for regular analytics.

Numerous small fixes and UX improvements 🎉

  • 💫 User segment details are automatically populated for faster segment creation
  • 📛 Renaming widgets and editing dashboards titles is more intuitive
  • 🖥️ Dashboard padding has been reduced for cleaner, better visualization
  • 🔣 Percent calculations and widgets now display the % symbol
  • 💱 Revenue calculations and widgets now display the currency symbol
  • 🔁 Stop forcing a query re-run when activating or deactivating rows in Segmentation
  • 🤝 Organization Admins can upgrade or downgrade the billing plan, not just Owners
  • 🙋🏻‍♀️ Optimized registration experience for mobile sign-ups

As you know, we love customer feedback! You can help us improve our tools by sharing your thoughts here or by contacting us using the help button in the lower right corner of your browser. 

Thank you and happy analyzing!