October Product Update

Written by Indicative Team


We’ve launched some features that we think you’ll love. Here is our October recap of the latest product releases:

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Improved Save Experience
  • Data Defined Blog

At Indicative, we value our customers’ feedback. Thanks to customer feedback we have a lot of exciting features in the pipeline, that’s why we’d love if you shared your feedback (good or bad) here through our two-question survey!

New Features

Google Tag Manager

Our integration with Google Tag Manager’s Community Template Gallery is available now! By using Indicative’s new native integration with Google Tag Manager, you can easily manage tracking without requiring a developer. Install the Tag. 

Improved Save Experience

Saving queries just got easier! Now, when working on a query, you can ‘Save as New’ or simply update and ‘Save’ while you make changes. Along with these streamlined save options, you can easily navigate to the Dashboard or Bookmark Folder of your saved analysis from the link above your query. Learn more.

New Data Defined Blog


Our new resource Data Defined breaks down the complex world of data. Each day we post new definitions to keep you up to date. Check it out!

And here are some smaller (but helpful!) product updates:

  • You can toggle Trends between the left and right side of your query results, making it easier to visualize and dive into your analysis.
  • Our cookie banner will not appear when the app is in full screen mode or opened from a public link. Sharing your data just got cleaner!
  • Now, you can apply a global project filter to automatically filter out unwanted data from your project, like staging or testing data.
  • View your data integrations and global project filters in your project settings.
  • ICYMI: Our new keyboard shortcut CTRL + S can save any changes you’ve made to your query.