What Is Multi Touch Attribution?

Written by Indicative Team


Multi-Touch Attribution Defined

Multi-touch attribution is a set of rules that assigns credits for sales and conversion to multiple touchpoints across the customer journey. Specifically, it is assigning credit to all the touchpoint a consumer may of interacted with including; digital ads, retail location, website, packaging, and promotional events. Different to a single touch attribution, multi-touch assumes that all touchpoints play some role in driving conversion.

Due to multiple touchpoints, there are a limitless number of variations in a multi touch approach, specifically, in regards to the number of steps that can be credited and the percentage of credit attributed to each step.

There are three models within a multi-touch approach:

The benefits of a good multi-touch approach is that it will give insight into:

  • Which messages a consumer was exposed to and on what channel
  • Which touchpoint had the greatest impact on their decision to purchase
  • The role brand perception played in the decision to convert
  • The role of message sequencing
  • Which messaging gets the best results from each consumer
  • The impact of external factors

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