Biweekly Product Update – Segmentation & Geolocation

Written by Indicative Team


We’ve launched some features that we think you’ll love! Take a look at our first round of May product updates:

  • Google Cloud and WeVideo Case Study
  • More Trends in Segmentation
  • Increased Geolocation Capabilities
  • …and product enhancements!

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New Features

Google Cloud and WeVideo Case Study

google cloud and wevideo
We partnered with WeVideo and Google Cloud to help bolster adoption around the globe! WeVideo uses Indicative to track their data allowing them to avoid, “…many hurdles, including building a data team, writing SQL queries to access our data, and all of the infrastructure maintenance demands involved in warehousing.” They have been able to reduce paid search spending by 30% with targeting through Indicative and BigQuery insights. We love seeing our customers succeed! Learn more!

More Trends in Segmentation

In Trends, in addition to comparing your analysis to the prior period, you can now turn on Interval mode to see the percent or absolute change over each interval (month over month, week over week, etc.). Being able to see how you’re trending just got easier. Learn more!

Increased Geolocation Capabilities

geolocation capability
We released geolocation collection capabilities based on IP address. You will be able to see your customers’ country, subregion, and city, along with a map of their location in user insights.

For new integrations using the Indicative SDK, IP addresses will be automatically collected. For existing Indicative SDK integrations, go into project settings and enable IP collection. Learn more!

Cohort Builder

cohort builder
Our new Cohort builder makes it easier to build out your analysis, saving you time. Learn more!

Funnel Builder

funnel builder
We added more descriptive copy to our Funnel builder to make the analysis you’re building more clear. Learn more!

New Snowplow Relay Feature

Our Snowplow real-time integration now lets you filter out events or properties that are unnecessary in Indicative. This gives you more control over what you send and provides better support for large datasets. Learn more!

Product Enhancements:

Now, you can add multiple teammates at once! Simply add a comma between each teammate’s name and save yourself time.
✔ In Segmentation, incomplete intervals will display “partial” in light red to signify start/end intervals that are missing dates or are still in progress.
✔ Our Users enhancement will now show “unreconciled” if a user not yet aliased, which may take up to 24 hours.