What Is A Hybrid Applications?

Written by Indicative Team


Hybrid Applications Defined

Hybrid applications are applications that are run on specific devices, but are written with web technology codes such as HTML5, CSS and Javascript.

This is done by running the developed code through a native application, which leverages the devices browser engine to render the codes, allowing users to use any web-native frameworks. 

Hybrid apps use a web view control to present the HTML and JavaScript files in a full-screen format. These types of apps use the native browser rendering engine rather than the  browser.

The benefits of developing a hybrid app include a faster, simpler and easier application to maintain.  It is also beneficial if:

  1. Users want to target multiple mobile platforms
  2. Users want to take advantage of device capabilities like geolocation, accelerometer or the camera
  3. Users want the app to be useable when the device is offline

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