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What Is Growth Hacking?

Written by Indicative Team


Growth Hacking Defined

Growth Hacking is a broad term that encompasses all strategies that focus on growth. This term is prominently used when discussing start ups, especially those that are in the early stages and need a significant growth in a short period of time and on a small budget.

The overarching goal of growth hacking is to acquire as many customers or users as possible while spending the smallest amount of money.

Growth Hacking strategies typically fall into three main areas:

  • Content marketing
  • Product marketing
  • Advertising

While this term doesn’t remove the need for marketing, it simply helps build the strategy to ensure that every strategy executed, every tool implemented and every technique developed is done so with one goal in mind: to grow.

Some ways to implement Growth Hacking includes:

  1. Perfect Your Product
  2. Set Measurable Goals
  3. Test Your Approach
  4. Analyse Performance 
  5. Optimise
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