High Customer Satisfaction and Ease of Implementation: Breaking Down Indicative’s Rankings in G2’s Winter 2021 Report

Written by Indicative Team


Continuing to climb in G2’s quarterly industry rankings, Indicative was again named a Leader in Customer Journey Analytics by G2 in their 2021 Winter Report.

Indicative is the leading Customer Analytics platform that enables product and marketing teams to make informed, data-driven decisions by thoroughly understanding and exploring user behavior across every touchpoint. Only Indicative connects directly to your data warehouse and excels at answering complex customer analytics questions in real-time—without having to rely on data teams or SQL.

Indicative provides actionable insights in seconds that empower teams to optimize customer engagement, increase conversion, and improve retention.

Why We’re Leaders

According to the reporting in G2’s Winter 2021 rankings, Indicative was crowned a leader based on two factors: High satisfaction scores from customers and a large, growing market presence.

Indicative received a rating of either 4 or 5 stars from a whopping 98 percent of users. 89 percent of reviewers also noted they are likely to recommend Indicative to others.

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An integral part of Leader status, Indicative’s high satisfaction rating draws on top-tier scores in the following categories:

Indicative G2 Winter 2021 Satisfaction Ratings

Indicative’s highest-rated features were also highlighted in G2’s Winter 2021 report:

Indicative G2 Winter 2021 Highest Rated Features

Additional Accolades

Indicative was also awarded Easiest Setup in the Implementation Index for Mid-Market Product Analytics—along with a Users Love Us badge, earned by collecting more than 20 reviews with an average rating of 4 or higher.

Easiest Setup G2 Winter 2021 Indicative BadgeUsers Love Us G2 Winter 2021 Indicative Badge

G2’s Implementation Index is based on ease of setup, implementation time, and user adoption. For the Winter 2021 report, Indicative led the pack with a 94% rating for ease of setup and less than 1-month average time to go live.

What Users Had to Say About Indicative

All of G2’s ratings, badges, and Leader designations are based on the reviews real customers and users submit on G2. Here is what some of our customers had to say:

  • Best customer support and easiest setup compared to competitors: “Indicative is easy to use right off the bat. Even for someone non-technical at all, their support team has multiple account managers that specialize in helping you understand the data and get your account set up so everything is easy to use without needing the support of their team to make every little change.”
  • Easy set-up and visualization: “It was really easy to set up a basic dashboard and get a visual of the data I felt was important. While it pulls in all the same data from Google Analytics, it’s much easier and more visually friendly to segment out the data and what you want to see.”
  • Indicative helps us understand user behavior with no sampling & segmentation: “Being able to build unlimited funnels of user behavior and how they go through our website is one of the best features. Using Google Analytics we were stuck with sampling & limited to just one funnel. With Indicative we can create unlimited funnels, see conversions over time and it works with Snowplow.”
  • Fast and easy to analyze data: “Indicative has a series of tools designed for fast data consultation. It is easy to use and its graphics and animations are really gorgeous and the data storytelling is easy […] Since we don’t need SQL or any other type of programming to analyze the data, more team members can use and generate insights from Indicative.”
  • Intuitive way to analyze your data flow: “If you want to quickly analyze data and have fun while you’re at it, look to Indicative. It makes setting up funnels a breeze and you actually look forward to quickly setting up experiments so that you can set up a new dashboard to view the results. These days, I’m eager to produce data from experiments faster so that I can play with Indicative and understand the results.”

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