G2 Summer Report: Indicative Climbs Rankings as Leader

Written by Indicative Team


G2 has named Indicative as a Leader in Customer Journey Analytics in G2’s 2020 Summer Report

Indicative is the only Customer Analytics platform designed specifically for non-technical business users that connects directly to your data warehouse.

Indicative enables product managers, marketers, and data analysts to make informed decisions by thoroughly understanding the complete customer journey, creating highly targeted behavioral segments, and optimizing product direction.

Why We’re Leaders

G2 Customer Analytics Category Grid featuring Indicative as a Leader

According to G2’s Summer Reports, Indicative was awarded the Leader status based on two main factors: Customer’s high satisfaction scores combined with high market presence.

Indicative is a leader in Customer Journey Analytics on G2

97% of users rated Indicative 4 or 5 stars and recommended Indicative at a rate of 87%. 

This satisfaction rating was based on the following categories: 

  • Likely to Recommend – 87%
  • Ease of Admin – 91%
  • Ease of Doing Business – 94%
  • Quality of Support – 89%
  • Ease of Setup – 92%
  • Ease of Use – 86%

This report also highlighted Indicative’s best features, based on G2 reviewers:

  • Advanced Data Filtering – 94%
  • Integrations – 92%
  • Journey Mapping – 90% 

Additionally, Indicative was also awarded the following accolades for Summer 2020: 

  • High Performer in Digital Analytics
  • High Performer for Marketing Analytics
  • High User Adoption for Product Analytics (rewarded for being the ‘Highest User Adoption product in the Implementation Index’ of respective categories)
  • Users Love Us for Mobile App Analytics (rewarded after collecting 20+ reviews of at least 4.0 stars or above)

Indicative is a leader in Digital Analytics on G2 Indicative is a leader in Marketing Analytics on G2 Indicative is a leader in Product Analytics on G2Users love Indicative on G2

What Users Had To Say About Indicative

G2’s ratings are based on real customer reviews. Here is what some of our customers had to say:

  • “Great tool for funnel analysis.” Easy to use tool for funnel analysis that connects to Segment for event data. Great free tier as well so you can really take your time understanding the tool before having to make a purchase commitment.
  • “Mixpanel on steroids”. The fast and powerful UI allows for codeless analyses that would be hard to do with SQL. Dashboards are allowing us to record performance granularly and also see the impacts of our work. [The] data team is no longer a bottleneck to team data requests. People at the company with access to the tool can perform analyses without the data team which is starting [to create] more interesting conversations about the data (rather than what was previously just different members of the team requesting for data).
  • “The best funnel analysis tool I’ve used”. The best feature is their funnel analysis. The optional path helps you analyze a user’s journey across events which some would not necessarily know fall in the sequence. It helps you to find which is a better journey by analyzing the optional features in between.
  • “Amazing end-to-end solution.” For us, our main problem was the ability to connect front-end web data with back-end customer data to get a true end-to-end view of our customer. After looking at a number of platforms, Indicative greatly exceeded our expectations for capabilities. The team is amazing. It’s rare you come across a SaaS platform that doesn’t just want to sell you a product and forget about you but takes a vested interest in your success. 
  • “A great tool for monitoring and segmenting your event based analytics.” The Segmentation feature is very powerful and allows us to segment our event data in a number of ways, all via a simple drag and drop interface. This allows us to quickly answer any questions that we may have about our data.

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Contributors Statement

This work was a collaboration between the Indicative team. Marc Liebmann, Tara McQuaide and Caitlin Davidson contributed to the narrative.