What Is Funnel Analysis?

Written by Indicative Team


Funnel Analysis Defined

Funnel analysis is a method of understanding each step required to reach a desired outcome on a website and how many people get through those steps. Funnel analysis can help a business visualize, map, and analyze their customers. An analytics funnel helps visualize a large number of users entering the funnel and if that number of users perform the correct actions to get to the end of the funnel. Funnel analysis can be used to:

  • Understand conversion rates
  • Chart how people progress through different stages of the user journey
  • Investigate drop off in user conversion or engagement
  • Understand how users arrived at a specific event
  • Understanding how quickly certain users progress through an event sequence

Funnels can also be used on a historical basis to visualize how a funnel analysis can shift over a set time interval.

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