Feature Release: User Segment API

Written by Indicative Team


We can’t wait for you to explore our User Segment API! One of your favorite features, User Segments, is now available via an API so that you can programmatically export segments for use within your own, or third-party platforms.

Indicative’s User Segments Export API allows product managers and marketers to automate their workflow, making optimizing your user conversion, engagement, and retention smoother than ever before. You can automate your workflow and never have to manually download and update your targeted campaigns again.

If you’re a product manager, you’ll be able to track and optimize new feature adoption by building an analysis that checks for feature usage after a new release.

Create a User Segment of users who have not tried out the new feature, and then export their info via API and target them outside of Indicative. For example, you could send them an in-product push notification that creates more awareness around your new feature.
"/As a marketer, cross-selling your products just became easier. You can build an analysis that identifies frequent purchasers in one category, for example, cat food, who haven’t purchased in a different category, like cat toys.  

Once you identify the behavior of customers you would like to target for cross-selling, automate the User Segment to engage with your customers outside of Indicative. You could send them a targeted email to get cat food purchasers to convert to cat toy purchasers.
"We’d love for you to get started right away! Here’s how:

If you need any help setting up your User Segments API or want more information, you can always reach out to our Support via in-app chat.